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Update:  Having tried this on the DK2, I absolutely love it.  It’s delivers the solar system in high-def glory and I can safely say it is one of the best ways to experience VR and is in my top 3 demo reels.  Truly awe-inspiring work from Drash.  Each update provides new improvements and the music is very fitting.  If you don’t feel very, very small by the end of the tour, you have the ego of a Beeblebrox, my friend.  

Titans of Space is a virtual tour of the gargantuan bodies in our solar system.  It’s removed all that tedious mucking about in orbital paths and just chucked them all nice and close so you can see just how mind-boggling big space is (hint: it’s big.  really big.).

This is exactly what I wanted VR to be used for.  As a life-long fan of space-sims like Microsoft’s Space Simulator, Universe Sandbox, Celestia and, lately, Space Engine, I’ve always wanted to take an extra step outside and experience it just like this. Titans of Space isn’t a fully-interactive experience like those above, but it is a wonderful tour-on-rails of awesome scale.

Trevor was starting to suspect that he had missed a spot on his neck when applying the sun-cream.

If you’ve enjoyed the excellent video of relative star sizes, then this simulator will take you one giant leap further..  This is very small, that is far away.  Except, of course, they are all bloody gigantic, just some of them are super-duper humungously gigantic.

Titans of Space - Earth, Moon and Sun
Now, son, THAT’S how you light a campfire..

I am giddy with excitement at how much more can be done with this and really hope it captures the imagination of the next generation.  I can totally see kids ‘getting it’ when they are shown demos such as this.  Suddenly space will be a thing of tremendous awe to a whole new audience and maybe we’ll go get some (Astronomy is looking up!).

Download a free copy now from the Titans of Space website.

Titans of Space - Mars
…and closing… “A million-to-one they said”. BUT STILL THEY COME!


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