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One of Britain’s many ghettos

As far as applications for VR go, this seems obvious, simple and yet brilliant.

Luca Siciliano (troffmo5) has designed a VR web app version of Google Street View which runs in native stereo vision with all the necessary lense distortion calculations and head tracking support right out of the browser, thanks to some clever javascriptery.

Teleport yourself anywhere Google has been before by simply entering your lat/long coordinates as URL parameters or by clicking on the built in pop-up mini-map, move the browser window to your Oculus Rift display, make it fullscreen and bam! You’re there.

The coding under the hood is actually a merging of several open source projects, hacked together by Luca to realise his vision. Very nice work sir!

Now you’d be forgiven for thinking that while this all sounds good, the experience was be rather flat like the photos right? Wrong! Rather impressively, Google had the foresight to use depth maps in their Street View shots which, thanks to more clever javascript, allows Oculus Google Street View to make you feel pretty damn tiny when looking up at the Eiffel tower or the skyscrapers of Manhattan.

The Oculus Google Street View app can be found here: http://oculusstreetview.eu.pn/

Royale with cheese

VR-Gaming are really looking forward to some virtual tourism when we get our our dev kits this summer. Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to send you a virtual postcard.

Home Sweet Home

For the unimaginative amongst you, VR-Gaming has compiled a short list of top destinations to visit:

Google’s Street View car took a wrong turn

We’d really like to see what interesting locations you can find, where looks best in VR? Leave us a comment below and we’ll cherry pick the best ones for inclusion in the list above (giving you credit of course).

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