Eve Valkyrie

Fans of Eve Online will soon be able to experience New Eden from an entirely different perspective. Eve Valkyrie puts you in the cockpit of an ‘x-wing-esque’ star fighter along with 11 other drones and launches you into action among the epic battlefields of Eve’s space arena.

In space no one can hear you say “n00b”

Parked in your cockpit, guns live and staring down the corridor of the hangar, ready to launch, a familiar voice chirps up over the cockpit radio, it’s none other than Katee Sackhoff aka Starbuck of Battlestar Galactica fame, she voices lead Valkyrie pilot ‘Rán’ and gives you your pre-mission brief before you are launched into action.

She cannae take it cap’n

The gameplay is much like a regular space sim/shooter in that you control your spacecraft’s pitch and yaw with the left and right analogue sticks and fire rockets and guns with your triggers. Bumpers provide the means to barrel roll your way out of trouble when enemy rockets are locked on to your plasma trail. However, the difference here is immersion that VR brings; Being able to look all around your cockpit, glancing over at the dogfighter that is tailing you, desperately trying to get a ‘lock-on’ is what sets Eve Valkyrie apart from the myriad of previous space games. You can even lock your missiles on to your targets just be looking at them, adding an extra dimension to the battles.

Tango down, tango down!

Eve Valkyrie is the brainchild of a small team of CCP developers. Written in  their spare time, they designed an Oculus Rift demo. Built from the ground up for virtual reality and based in the EVE universe, Eve Valkyrie, designed on the Unreal Engine 4, looks set to be a launch title for the Oculus Rift and will also be release for Sony’s VR headset, known currently as Project Morpheus.

We here at vr-gaming think Eve Valkyrie looks out of this world, with stunning visuals and compelling gameplay. We look forward to reviewing the game in full when it is launched later this year.

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