The Stacks – An exhilarating exploration of acrophobia.

If, like me, you get all wobbly when you’re looking out over a big drop, then this virtual tour of impossibly vast, wide and bottomless places is probably a kill-or-cure. On the one side, it might desensitise you to the experience and make you all tough and manly again. On the other, it might make you pee down your leg in front of girls.  I am willing to tough it out, so check back here for an update as things progress.

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‘The Stacks’ is the brain-child of game designer Sean Foreman, who has gone to extraordinary lengths not only to create a really stunning set of virtual environments, but also to include references to loads of my favourite sci-fi films and books: 2001, The Matrix, Foundation, Dark City, Portal (I think) and much more.  There’s no release date as yet, but I’m really looking forward to some stomach-churning dream-(nightmare)-scapes.

The Stacks Virtual Environments
Evening sir, what’ll it be? ‘Woah!’, ‘Holy crap!’ or ‘Shee-it!’


I am half-expecting the soundtrack to be Manson’s ‘Wide open space’, though there might be more fitting mock-rock – and god knows it certainly deserves something to relieve the tension.  The final cut is intended to be part puzzle, part exploration, which seems to suit the level design perfectly.  I don’t know how I’m supposed to think hanging of a plank at 20,000 feet, but I’ll give it a go.  Note to self:  plastic pants.

The Stacks - Trantor pillars
There were many attempts to perfect the leaning tower of Pisa.

Progress is looking really promising with a diverse array of surreal landscape to navigate and features that won’t be seen until the release (will let you know soon!).  Some ongoing details are available on the Oculus site and technical insights can be gleaned from Sean’s blog which is a treasure trove for those looking to gain some inside information on the trials and tribulations of VR game development.

The Stacks - Hall of fame
Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar.. you’re gonna go faaaaaaargh!



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