Radial-G: Racing Revolved

I have very fond memories of my childhood console games and high speed racing was right up there on my list of favorite genres.  F-Zero was probably my first proper game induced speed rush and it made Mario kart feel snail paced in comparison.  The tubular race tracks that twisted and turned in gravity defying fashion, made you feel like your were going to fly off the track as you hammered around a vertical apex on the outside of a cylindrical raceway.  This was later followed by Wipeout on the original Playstation.  I vividly remember sinking several months of my life into that franchise.  Not only was it a fantastic racer, but it had a killer soundtrack to boot with the likes of British bands such as the Prodigy providing the thumping beats.

Enter Radial-G

Inertia dampeners are failin’ cap’n! We’re gonnae Wipe oot!

Radial-G is latest in a long line of futuristic high speed, high octane racers. Featuring support for the Oculus Rift, the producers have pledged to make the game equally fun on 2D screens.  Of course, at VR Gaming, we recommend VR mode for the sheer exhilaration and immersion.  DK2 support will come shortly after the team receive their kits and ensure it’s all working good and proper.  Early reviews suggest that the high speed racer is utterly immersive but also comfortable despite the speed.  It’s not the vomit comet you’d be forgiven for thinking it might be.  VR Gaming has iterated before the advantages of fixed cockpit view VR games: the closer your home seating arrangement is to that of your virtar, the better, in terms of presence.

Look ma! No hands!

Once into the cockpit, you can tear up the track as you do battle with up to 32 online or AI opponents using your keyboard or an Xbox 360 controller (with rumble). Clocking up a decent enough lap time will earn you a place in the global leaderboard which is available even in the demo (yes really!). The game also supports multiple profiles for those of you with annoying siblings that have a habit of cocking up your settings.


Tammeka Games


Tammeka Games are a hugely experienced team of VR game developers based in Brighton (England).

 tammeka-staff-bio-geoff Game Director and designer Geoff Cullen has worked on multi-award winning titles such as Extreme-G, Revolt and Pure with big companies such as Disney Black Rock Studios, Acclaim and Climax Racing.
 tammeka-staff-bio-sam Sam Watts heads up the game production and community management and has had a hugely successful professional career spanning over 10 years with numerous big name companies, including Kerb, where he created award winning and twice BAFTA-nominated web-based Flash games for clients such as SCEE, Sky, E4/C4 and BBC.
 tammeka-staff-bio-david David Lyne is the lead game developer. With over 20 years experience developing for full flight sims, VR, immersive tech, stereoscopic displays, shaders and effects among many other interesting things!
 tammeka-staff-bio-michalis tammeka-staff-bio-gavriil Michalis and Gavriil Mavronas are the artists, providing the 3D, audio and concept art for the game. Both also have considerable experience in the industry.
Thank god for the street lights otherwise this road would be really hazardous!


Release details

You can grab the demo of Radial-G now (here).  A multiplayer demo is expected in Sep 14 and the final release of the game is expected in Nov, available both on Windows, MAC OS and Linux. There is also a possibility that the game will make it on to Sony’s Morpheus headset too. Tammeka Games have recently launched a Kickstarter campaign and Steam Greenlight community page and early indications are highly positive. VR Gaming wishes them every success with the campaigns and we look forward to blitzing some leaderboard records soon!

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