Senza Peso

Senza Peso is a serene and wonderful journey through Limbo from VR developers Kite and Lightning. They’ve designed this from the ground up to be a true VR experience and it shows.  The DK2 version is available to those who signed up for K&L’s newsletter, so sign up now or expect a public release soon. It already feels well polished and is a fluid ride. You spend much of your time in a boat on the river Styx, as you flow past surreal and sometimes disturbing scenes: tormented souls deciding their fate, an eruption inside a cavernous volcano, the salvation of a soul and even a nice bit of Aegean sea.

BP had a lot to answer for.

It contains some beautiful art direction and the music is very (fittingly) reminiscent of Enigma’s flavour of Gregorian chants.  It’s well paced and although it feels short, you’ve come a long way by the end.  There’s a lot to consider and it’s a very comfortable introduction to VR’s ability as a tour guide.

It was a one-eyed, one-horned, giant purple petal eater..

Senza Peso (lit. ‘without weight’) is a wonderful flight of VR fancy, which you can easily see becoming a ‘choose your own adventure’-style ride of your after-life.  I’d quite like to see that, actually.

Sand castles in the sky.

The dream-like quality is captivating and although I had some performance issues on my aging hardware it was comfortable and I stayed in the zone throughout.  Kite and Lightning certainly know how to put together an immersive VR experience, so we’re looking forward to seeing more of them in the near future.

Sam? Come on, Sam, that’s not funny, just chuck it in. Sam? Saaaammwwwiiiissse!!

Check it out for yourself by joining K&L’s beta program, or follow Kite and Lightning’s blog for regular updates on all their latest creations.

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