Star Trek: Voyager Bridge Demo

One of the truly fulfilling aspects of VR gaming is the ability to be anyone, anywhere at any time.  Given the latest tools and a little know-how anyone can create their own fantasy scene and bring it to life.  That’s what developer ‘tmek’ has done with this wonderful re-creation of Star Trek’s Voyager bridge.  It’s full of exquisite details and features and allows you to have a virtual tour of the bridge as Janeway herself would have seen it (take a seat in the captain’s chair for a great sense of presence).

Doctor, Uranus is a gas giant.

There are heaps of fan-boy features built in.  You can interact with the computer (even ask it questions and watch it interpret them), wander around triggering sound-bites from the series and even launch a volley of photon torpedoes at an unseen enemy.  You’ll need to set up voice control* on your windows PC to get it working, but it’s totally worth it to say ‘Fire Everything’ and have the ship respond with a quick salvo of sparkly death.

*Be sure to set ‘us english’ in your windows options

“We come in peace. Fire all banks, full spread!”

For a simple tech-demo, it’s remarkably fun.  You can sit in chairs, watch Netflix videos on the main view screen (provided you are running the video in chrome or Firefox first), interact with the ship computer through voice commands and watch it interpret your queries on the operations console.

All in all, I hope to see a lot more of this type of thing.  It’s a labour of love and while there are a few minor bugs, it’s great to see thing like this being produced (it’s also free, so what are you waiting for?).  Check out Tmek’s post in the Oculus forums for a download link.

You can see eVRdayVR’s review of it below.

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