Tech Demo: Blue Marble

One of the early tech demos for the Oculus Rift, but still one of the most beautiful.  Blue Marble is part wonderous exhibit of the abilities of virtual reality and part music visualiser – you can apply your own music to the interactive video.  It comes with Gary Jules’ ‘Mad World’, which is a fitting tribute to this topsy-turvy snow globe we call home.  This is a classy example of just how we expect virtual reality to be used; allowing people to feel some of the experience they might have in outlandish flights of fancy, sub-aquatic simulations and earthly exploration.  There are very few limits and with Blue Marble, Jaywalkers have hit the ground running.


Blue Marble - Tech Demo
Earth should never had that fifth bhaji..


Music of the spheres

Some people are using Major Tom (Bowie’s OR Hadfield’s), some think Brian Eno is more fitting (I think HAL’s rendition of ‘Daisy’ would be pretty creepy).  Couple this, some noise-cancelling earphones and your favourite chill-out mix on and use this could be an escapist’s dream..  Or at least a relaxing float-tank.  It doesn’t get much more isolated than drifting alone in space (ask Pluto).

Blue Marble - Inside pod
Waiting for explosive bolts to fire is almost worst than the infinite expanse of icy cold space. You hear me, HAL?

Blue Marble is free to download now from JayWalkers Interactive website.  Here’s a video to whet your appetite:

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