The Hum

Thot Wise, an Argentinian group of developers, are bringing us a game clearly wrought from the minds of true sci-fi fans.  The titular hum, a pre-cursor to an apocalyptic invasion event that removes most of humanity from the face of the earth is the sound track to a dark and foreboding adventure fraught with fear and anxiety at impending abduction, and all that that implies..

The Hum - Office invasion
Hey Bob, have you lost weight? Yeah, thanks, Clyde, my wife’s got me on this human-kid diet. They’re gross, but our sex life..

The alien oppressors are perfectly imposing and it’s clear you’ll be spending most of the time feeling like a mouse trapped in a very large, beautifully rendered maze.  According to their own description, you’ll be abducted more than once and you’ll begin to doubt your own experiences as new memories form, undermining everything you think you know.  I love the feel of this game and it’s clearly inspired from some of my favourite sci-fi.  If you’re a fan of Cloverfield, V, Childhood’s End and Terminator 2, they’re just a few of the parallels that can be drawn.  All in all, I am looking forward (with some tredpidation) to entering this reality.

The Hum - Abduction
Hey, Clyde, we’ve got another one! Quick, open the microwave!

The Hum has already been green-lit on Steam, so go there for more screens and some user videos.

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