Time Rifters

Independent game developer Proton Studio brings you Time Rifters: an Oculus Rift award winning indie first-person voxel shooter with multi-single player co-op.

Multi-single player co-op?!

Featuring ‘time clones’, Time Rifters launches you into small arenas which quickly fill up with voxel based enemies made up of multi-coloured blocks you shoot and destroy as many of as possible in the time limit.

Some guy on some other job is Mr. Purple. You’re Mr. Pink

On your first run, you will be frustrated by disappointment: It’s seemingly impossible to destroy everything first time around.

You respawn in the loading area where you started out before you entered the first arena but this time there is a seemingly familiar replica of yourself, performing all of the things you did the last time you were here… This is your time clone: a copy of yourself that performs all of the same actions you performed in the last round. Re-enter the arena and now the real fun begins, you get to improve on your score by co-operating with a time-shifted version of yourself!

Shopping… for the Borg

2 x Fun² = 4 times the fun

The best bit? It doesn’t stop there. Each play through the level adds another time-clone until you reach your 4th run, by which time you’ll be having a foursome… with yourself.

Connecting the dots

Time Clones sans Flux Capacitor

Want to the play the game with other people? ‘Let’s Replay’ is an asynchronous multi-player game mode that allows you to play alongside a recording of friends, YouTubers, podcasters, etc, adding another dimension to the game. It’s easy to envisage some seriously competitive speed-runs.

The game is currently still in development but has the Greenlight on Steam where you can find a fully playable free demo. Featuring a sweet custom dubstep soundtrack, over 15 arenas spread over 3 episodes, 6 weapons each with unique upgrade options and an innovative wrap-around HUD, we here at VR Gaming are looking forward to bringing you more on Time Rifters when it’s released.

N.B. The game is playable non-VR without the Oculus Rift, but we recommend VR for the feeling of presence and aiming with your head!


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